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XuanXuanGo is a shareware, registering the program will have the function of solving life-and-death problems and get more game data. Your support motivates the author to do further developments, thanks.


Registration Fee (Euro) Function and Data Note
Standard version 39 Collections of about 6800 problems.
Full version 69

Collections of about 6800 problems +

World's leading TsumeGo Solver

After you have made the payment, send the author an email (xuanxuanweiqi@126.com), containing the program's machine code. You can get the program's machine code from Help menu. The author will provide you an URL to download the registered data or send you the data by email.

Upgrading from 7.x to 8.x is not free, for full version users, pay the price of standard version to upgrade to 8.x full version.

Don't have a paypal account? no problem! If only you have an email address, you can pay.