XuanXuanGo software includes two parts: program and data:


Main features:
  1. Go Problem Solver
  2. Playing Go game on PandaNet(IGS)
  3. Full featured Go game editing and reading
  4. Full support of life-and-death editing and practice
  5. Special joseki support
  6. Network Go game
  7. Computer Go
Frequently used features:
  1. Score estimating, calculating and trial mode
  2. Getting the board-status from other program's window or images in Clipboard
  3. Multiple Go games in a single file and their management
  4. Board rotating and flipping
  5. Three types of clipboard operation for advanced game editing
  6. Flexible label input
  7. Comment, stone, bookmark, life-and-death solution search
  8. Nodes list and board display
  9. Program and file status restoration
  10. Extension to SGF format
  11. File merge or convert between SGF and internal format



Data include 1028 choice Go problems, plus a collection of more than 6800 problems, plus 300+ problems from two Chinese classic Go books, mainly "Xuan Xuan Qi Jing", and "Wang You Qing Le Ji".