Joseki Editing And Looking up

XuanXuanGo has special support for joseki editing and looking up:
  • Board rotating or flipping diagonally helps remember joseki greatly. It was suggested by a professional Go player to look up joseki in different corners.
  • Program's comment search function helps find joseki by comments. Many famous joseki have their names, such as "large avalanche", "small avalanche", etc. We can easily find these joseki by searching their names. For trick moves, just search "trick".
  • Moves of different value are marked by different colors, so that the joseki moves become more intuitive.
  • By using of the ubiquitous trial mode, the user can try the joseki by them selves.

Editing of a josek just likes editing of an ordinary game, however, we may need to set joseki properties for some moves so that their node will have different colors on the board. For example, tesuji moves are displayed as cyan, bad moves are displayed as red, trick moves are displayed as yellow. Use the move property dialog box to set moves' joseki properties. Please note, joseki should be stored as XGF format, and its file type be set as "Joseki". Choose "Enhanced game manager" from File menu, and then set the file type. If you want to modify the joseki, you should use the same dialog box to set the file type back to Games.

Following is the interface for joseki looking up:


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